Choose A Feather, What It Says About Your Personality Will Surprise You!

Different personalities can be categorized based on different criteria. There have been many psychological tests conducted to determine how choosing things of different shapes can help reveal the personality of an individual, and this test is somewhat similar. Pick a feather and check out the information it corresponds to and you’ll understand what it says about your personality. Make sure you look at all the five feathers carefully and observe how they are shaped. See what draws your attention more and then pick one.

Feather 1  

You’re a person who likes peace and being around people who are peaceful. At heart, you’re a noble person and you never shy away from helping those in need. Often, you can relate to other people’s feelings pretty easily. While you can get along with almost everyone well, you like to be around people who have a taste similar to that of yours. People often consider you weak, but that’s because you’re too kind to those around you. You’re also a friendly person.

Feather 2

You have a sharp mind and can grasp things easily. You also have a need to achieve perfection always, and you always do that, but also expect others to do it. You’re extremely clever and love spending time with friends and enjoying yourself. You however, come off as detached which is why, it is important for you to keep telling the people around you that you love them.

Feather 3

You are extremely risk taking and ambitious and do everything to fulfill your goals and dreams in life. You don’t depend on anyone, and the experiences that you’ve had in your life have made you wise, strong and bigger. Whenever you fall, you get up easily. However, you need to pay attention to your choice of friends. You have good leadership abilities.

Feather 4

You are a mixture of wild imagination and a strong personality. You know just the right way to deal with your problems. You always seem to have the best solution ready. Your personality may make you come off as authoritarian, but that’s not exactly the case. Others notice your presence quite easily, and you’re not easy to make a fool of because you’re strong willed and clever.

Feather 5

You are oozing with imagination and creativity. Everything that you do has an artistic touch to itself. However, you lack in terms of confidence and this does not allow your creative side to expand fully. You need to realize it and get rid of it. You also have a need for perfection and give the best in everything that you do.