Use This INGREDIENT to Remove 90% of All Toxic Pesticides from Your Produce (So Simple, Yet so Effective!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I think that we are all aware that the fruits and vegetables are less healthy nowadays, because of the high amounts of chemical agents and chemicals used in the growing process. That’s right, almost every fruit is sprayed with these harmful pesticides and chemicals, in order to grow big and have longer shelf life.

The most common pesticides found in fruits are: fungicide imazalil, Thiabendazole and chlorpyrifos. Fungicide imazalil penetrates the entire fruit, not just its peel. Thiabendazole has carcinogenic properties, when it’s consumed in high amounts. And chlorpyrifos is commonly used against insects and it can be very dangerous for you.

According to the experts, the pesticides can affect the human hormones and they can cause infertility, birth problems and they are extremely toxic for the human body. The most common misconception is that all people think that by washing or peeling your fruit, you will remove all the pesticides. Washing can remove dirt from the surface of the frit and slightly reduce the side effects. We can also say that the same thing will happen if you peel the fruit. Ladies and gentlemen, you shouldn’t be worried, because in this article we are going to show you how to remove the pesticides from your fruits and vegetables with 1 simple ingredient.

STUDY CONFIRMS – a group od experts, at the University of Massachusetts, have revealed that this simple ingredient removes 96% of all toxic pesticides from your fruits and vegetables. We are talking about the amazing baking soda. Take a look at the article below and find out more about this. The research team applied 2 pesticides (thiabendazole and phosmet) to organic apples. Then, they washed the “toxic” apples with 3 different liquids: tap water, baking soda/water mixture and a commercial bleach (approved by the United States Environmental Protection Agency).

THE RESULTS – according to the researchers, the tap water and the commercial bleach solution did not show efficacy in removing the pesticides from the apples even after washing the fruits for up to 5 minutes. But, the baking soda/water mixture was extremeley effective in removing the toxic chemicals. They’ve reported that the baking soda/water mixture helped remove 90% percent of the thiabendazole from the apples after 12 and 15 minutes.

Follow the simple instructions:

  • Add 1 tbs. baking soda in a bowl of water.
  • 2 tbs. lemon juice. (Optional)
  • Mix well.
  • Soak the produce for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with cold water.

Ladies and gentlemen, just try this technique and you won’t have to worry about the harmful bacteria or pesticides on your fruits and vegetables. Thank you for your time and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.